Meet Our Happy Animals!

The Goats



Armani was born big and tough and has stayed that way! His lovely "Taupe" locks are a rare red color and his full coverage of fiber makes him look like a teddy bear.



Arya is a gorgeous goat in a tiny package! Her fawn colored locks are tight and lustrous.



Chooey is our little miracle baby! He was born small and premature to an older goat whose milk never came in. Weighing under 2 pounds, we brought him in the house to nurse him to wellness. After a scary first 24 hours, Chooey started nursing and bouncing around like a normal baby goat! He is very near and dear to our hearts and is quite the character! He will likely always be small, but he is a tough little guy with gorgeous, whisper soft fiber and has become the unofficial mascot of Phoenix Farm!



Cole started out as a skittish little guy, but goat treats have tamed him nicely! He now comes up to us in the pasture and licks our fingers to let us know he is ready for a cookie! His "Coal" locks are the black-gray color of ash.


Finn & Snip

Finn & Snip were the first two animals in our angora herd. These boys are twins and have been together since the day they were born; they have been inseparable ever since! Finn's "Taupe" locks have a hint of red and Snip's "Cream" fiber is absolutely dreamy.



"Foxy" is our sweet little blue-eyed black doe kid. She is incredibly curious and playful! Her favorite game is Queen of the Mountain and she's always the first to climb to the top of a log, stump, doghouse, or goat shelter.



Gem is a beautiful white doe out of Sweet Pea. She has super soft fiber just like her mother and great coverage throughout her body. I don't know how she manages to see through those heavy bangs!

Ginger and Geranium

Ginger & Geranium

Ginger and Geranium are the twin daughters of Gem. They have been an inseparable duo since birth! Though they are still a bit shy, they have beautiful, soft curls with great color. Geranium's "Clove" locks are a lovely and rare shade of brown and Ginger's "Ginger" locks are a soft honey brown.



Harlee is a shy goat, but gives a beautiful white fleece and gorgeous kids every year!


Born on Leap Day 2012, Hendrix is one of our fiber wethers. His "Gunmetal" fiber is amazingly soft and has great color variation. He is a sweet boy and produces beautiful fiber!


Khaleesi is Harlee's daughter from 2013. She is a stunning light silver color!
"Leonidas is our studly herd sire! He has produced kids in a wide range of color, but all with soft and shiny fiber! Leo comes to us from the renowned Indian Springs Farm in Missouri. He is an easy-going guy, but is very vocal and bosses his pasture buddies around. His lovely "Copper" locks are soft and a gorgeous natural red!"


"Leonidas is our studly herd sire! He has produced kids in a wide range of color, but all with soft and shiny fiber! Leo comes to us from the renowned Indian Springs Farm in Missouri. He is an easy-going guy, but is very vocal and bosses his pasture buddies around. His lovely "Copper" locks are soft and a gorgeous natural red!"


Nairobi is a lovely 2-year-old, deep black doe with beautiful ringlets! She loves hanging out with her mom, Nova, but isn't afraid to come in and get a cookie when they're offered.



Osage is one of our sweetest little wethers! Though not bottle-raised, he is super tame and friendly, especially if you have a goat treat in your pocket! His "Pumpkin Spice" locks are a beautiful orangey-red and full of luster and softness.



Paris is one of Phoenix Farm Fiber's goats that was raised by hand on the bottle. As such, she is extremely bonded to humans and is very friendly! She always looks upward toward me when I walk into the pasture just in case I have a cookie in my hand. She has very consistent tight curls that are soft to the touch in a lovely light auburn mixed with cream.

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea was a bottle baby and is still quite human-friendly and loves to have her face scratched. She is also quite fond of the camera!



Vera was born a lovely brownish-red twin (sister to Versace) who was a bit too slow to latch on to her mother to nurse. Mom had another baby to worry about and didn't have the patience for little Vera, so we took her to bottle raise. She is a very sweet baby girl with soft and long locks!



Versace is a sweet little guy who was born a twin (with Vera as his sister). He was born with light brown fiber that has since lightened to the color of straw. Simply gorgeous!

The Sheep



Angus is a Shetland sheep with a long, curly, tricolor fleece. The Shetland breed is recovering from its endangered status due mostly to the popularity of the fleece amongst handspinners.


The Cotswold Trio

Cotswold sheep have amazingly soft and long curly locks. These boys have been a wonderful addition to our fiber herd. From left to right, Ukulele, Bluegrass, and Gabriel were a fortunate find that we just couldn't pass up!


Detroit & Beck

These beautiful Romeldale brothers display the rare and lovely California Variegated Mutant (CVM) color pattern. These sheep are few, but have next-to-skin soft wool that is a dream to spin and wear!



"Pamshake" is the type of name you get when you ask your 3-year-old granddaughter to name a lamb! Pamshake is one of Shelby's daughters and is full of fluff and personality! She is 50% Jacob and 50% Shetland, which we find makes for amazing wool!



Scotty is our Shetland sheep herd sire. He has long, silky wool in a gorgeous red-brown color and we can't wait to see the lambs that he produces this year! He may have big scary looking horns, but he is a mellow fellow and a very sweet ram.



Shelby is one of our Jacob sheep, a rare heritage breed. She has the traditional black and white wool and 4 horns of the Jacob sheep and she gives us gorgeous twin lambs every Spring! She is tame and sweet and a very good mother.



Mr. Tambourine is Pamshake's twin brother. He got his name from my granddaughter, but his beautiful four horns from his mother (a Jacob sheep) and a long, fluffy fleece from his father (a Shetland sheep). He is mischievous and brave; always the first to explore something new!

The Suri Alpacas



Elliot was the first suri alpaca born at Phoenix Farm Fiber! He has the same lovely silver coloring as his mother, Rosie, and his playful and curious nature makes him a very entertaining addition to the herd.

Rosie and Elliot 2


WLK Lady's Silver Rose, or Rosie for short, is a lovely silver and white suri alpaca. She is Elliot's mother and her beautiful "Silver" locks match his perfectly!



Shelly was the first suri alpaca to arrive at Phoenix Farm. She is the leader of our small herd and has lovely "Dark Chocolate" fiber! Like most other alpacas, Shelly loves water and tends to claim her own pool to soak her feet on warm days.